Bob Mahler

Program Risk Manager and Vice President of Business Development - Velociteach

1:30 pm - CASE STUDY: Practical strategies for changing your risk culture

Long before he was director of business development for Velociteach, Bob Mahler was a Green Beret in the U.S. Army. From 1992 through 1998 he conducted military operations in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Kenya, Qatar, and Egypt. As a communication’s expert on a military freefall team he was the team’s lifeline in the event of an emergency. Risk planning for communications is a key part of mission success or failure, and an enabler for every other facet of the deployment. In 2005 he joined an Emergency Response Team with Sprint-Nextel. He responded to and supported response efforts for Hurricane’s Katrina, Rita and Wilma, the Virginia Tech Shooting, Delaware State University shooting, Greensburg Kansas tornado and multiple Federal and State training exercises. He also helped develop and lead a Hazmat team for Sprint-Nextel. In 2008 he became a federal consultant for TSA, providing disaster planning for strategic risk events. In 2010 he began providing classroom instruction for Project and Risk Management Boot Camps. He lives in Murfreesboro with his wife and 8-year-old son. He holds a BA from Wheeling Jesuit University and a MBA from the University of Phoenix. He is also a Certified Project and Risk Manager.